Dionne Buckingham Brown

Dionne Buckingham-Brown – Inspiring, empowering and enabling you to achieve sales and business success

Are you stuck in a career that no longer leaves you feeling fulfilled or satisfied?

Do you believe that there’s just got to be better way to achieve your lifestyle and financial goals?

If like me you want to move from a corporate career into the world of business and entrepreneurship, make positive changes to your current lifestyle but are unsure of where and how to start, maybe my story will inspire you to take your life goals into your own hands and take that leap of faith in yourself.

My Journey

After serving over 22 years in my local police force, I decided enough was enough and left my career to step out into the world of business ownership.

Prior to leaving my career, I’d been working countless hours in a job I no longer enjoyed; never got to see my children and had been unknowingly suffering from delayed grief from the very sudden death of my mother years previously.

I was stressed, resulting in poor concentration, ill-health, and I found myself crying all the time. Even underperforming in a role that I had previously been awarded for for my good work.

It was an absolutely, desperately unhappy time for me.

The Dionne that I once was had disappeared, and in her place, was a hollow shell who would “just keep smiling” when prompted to do so by friends and colleagues. I tried to continue with my work in the best way that I could but, I knew that there would come a point when I could no longer hold onto this façade.

Despite everything, I held onto the belief that there was a better way for me to live a fulfilled life.

It was in 2015, I finally decided enough was enough and took the decision to walk away from the career that I had longed to be a part of since the age of 4 years old. And my life has and continues, to change for the better.

I am building a business to help me to achieve everything that I could possibly desire. I have met my soulmate who shares the same visions and goals of a Limitless Life.  My children are happy and healthy. They have their Mama Lioness prominently by their sides again.

I am creating my ultimate lifestyle of emotional, spiritual and financial abundance and want to give back to those who have supported me along the way.

Paving my own way and setting my positive intentions in this great miracle called life, and just know that whatever crossroads you find yourself at, there is always a way to change things to your advantage. Pave your way. Set your intentions. Live YOUR life!